Helping you live and work efficiently so you can spend your time on the important things

We apply our accounting experience as a CPA to assist our clients with their financial needs, including daily money management and personal financial planning.  We work with our clients in a customized way to manage and monitor their finances.  This list is an overview of services offered.  It is not a comprehensive list, so please contact us if your specific needs are not listed.

Who can benefit from our services?  Anyone who is:

  • Struggling to keep track of which bills are due and when, and incurring late fees and high interest rates
  • Too busy living life to dedicate the time to keep track of their finances
  • Relying on the assistance of a friend or family member but would rather hire services out
  • Aging and finding it difficult to complete tasks
  • Experiencing medical issues that make it difficult to manage finances
  • Struggling to reconcile medical bills and insurance payments

Personal financial services offered

  • Daily money management
  • Organizing financial and bank records
  • Reviewing medical insurance paperwork and verifying proper claims
  • Making disputes with creditors and payees
  • Bill-paying and check writing
  • Balancing checkbooks
  • Preparing records for tax season
  • Implementing financial management system
  • Preparing personal financial reports
  • Budgeting and goal-setting