Undecided if organizational services can help you?  Not sure what to expect?  This is how we work.

Going from chaos to control is as easy as 1-2-3!

     1.     Call us   The first step in your organizational journey is giving us a call!

     2.     Complimentary consultation   We’ll take down some information about your space, and let you guide us through your                         concerns, needs, and goals.  After determining the scope of work, we will provide you with a time estimate to complete                       the project.    

      3.     Transform your space   We will work alongside you at each session and provide advice and support to help you reach your                 goals.  Sessions are typically three hours, depending on your needs.

Our Organizing Method

We take a coach approach to helping our clients.  We will work alongside you in a judgment-free environment providing advice and encouragement so that you can live a Life Well Managed.  We are empathetic and patient, and understand that this process can create anxiety or fear.  We offer customized solutions for your needs and simple strategies to help you maintain order in your home or business.  As we work, YOU will decide which items to get rid of, give away, recycle, or keep.  Don’t worry, we won’t force you to throw anything out, this is entirely your decision.  And remember, it’s not just about creating Pinterest-worthy rooms - having tailored systems in place that work for you is essential to maintaining your newly organized space.  

The organizing process will begin by assessing what is and is not working, and determining the cause of the problem.  Next, we will create a plan based on your unique needs and goals, and decide on a solution that will work for you and be sustainable.  We will begin to implement the plan by gathering your belongings together and putting like items with like items.  This quick sort will help us find items that are duplicates, broken, obsolete, or unnecessary.  We will purge things you no longer use or need and are ready to get rid of.  These items will be sorted into categories, such as trash, recycling, donation, or gift.  Now that your space is filled only with the things you want and the clutter is gone, we will create a home for your belongings.  This includes containerizing and labeling so that you can maintain the new systems put in place.  Throughout the journey, we will teach you ways to stay organized and prevent clutter from accumulating.